The Genius

The Genius

Possible series pitting people identified with"genius traits" against one another in social games of strategy, logic, and negotiation abilities. Each episode consists of a primary match and a passing mathematics. The match decides the removal and winner candidate for daily. The winner receives a token of lifestyle, that grants immunity and possibly garnets, a sport currency worth ?1,000,000 each. Garnets can be used to boost a player's likelihood of winning a game, as well as be exchanged to obtain favor. The removal candidate selects a player with out a token of life to share in a game referred to as the death match. Is eliminated, and also their garnets are gained by the winner of the passing match. The last surviving player is the winner, and also the garnets will be the final prize.
Released: 2013-04-26
Genre: Reality
Duration: 80 min
Country: South Korea
Production: N/A

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